Do You Really Need To Buy A New Car

What shocked me is that the constant change of new cars has become a trend in today’s urban life. People keep turning to a new car for no reason. The car seems to have become a way for people to express and show their identity. So many new car models are coming, that they will change cars every time they see a new car model they like.

I even heard someone say, “Since I have to pay premiums every month, why not upgrade to a newer and better car?” Buying a car seems to have become part of people’s daily life. If they don’t pay, they Don’t know what to do with this money. Maybe people have forgotten that if they don’t want to, they don’t have to pay for the car.

I know that I said that buying a new car is optional, and I can offend many people, but I am not saying that you cannot buy a new car, but if you want to buy a new car, think about why you want to buy it? necessary? Do you want to buy it because you need it? Or maybe you just want to buy it because you want to show people that you are rich. Are you buying a car to improve yourself?

As for me, I only buy a car when I need it. When I say I need it, I mean I really need it, not for any reason, so as not to show the purpose when my house rises. I can’t In areas where public transportation is used, then I consider buying a car. When my old car has too many problems, I will consider replacing it with a new car.

I currently have a car that is 5 years old and above. I am not planning to buy a new car at the moment because my car is in good condition. If the conditions are good, I plan to use this car for at least 10 years. In fact, my wife drives to work. As for me, I actually use public transportation (LRT). I am not going to buy a second car, even if it is not a problem from a financial point of view.

With this, I can save at least 1,000 ringgit per month. I would rather use 1,000 MYR per month for other purposes, such as B. Pay more for my housing loan. In this way, I can get a mortgage faster and lower interest rates. I want to increase spending in a place I don’t really need. I can even use the extra money for investment. This will improve my financial situation.

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