If you are ever arrested by a police officer, you must know that you have been arrested. It is important that all citizens know what it means to be arrested and what their rights are.

In the event of arrest, the agent concerned will transfer you to a police station, prison, or other detention centers where you can contact your lawyer who, according to the law, must tell you the reasons for the arrest.

Always make sure your attorney is around when you are photographed or fingerprinted and when you appear in front of a judge for an official charge of the charges. Upstairs he asked for a sample of his handwriting or for hair, blood, or urine samples.

When asked to do so, you have the legal right to remain silent as anything you say may be used against you in court. It is important that you consult your lawyer before answering any questions, and if you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will provide one for you.

If you are arrested, the police will take your money and belongings such as a watch, bracelet or chain for safekeeping. You will be sent a copy of the inventory and all items will be returned upon approval.

Depending on the reason for your arrest, you may or may not be released on bail. Bail release means leaving cash or security deposits in court as security for your release, along with an assurance that you will appear in court if you are summoned. Has a good reputation in the community, the magistrate can reduce or even waive the bail.

What you need to do is stay calm, don’t panic, and be polite and respectful of the police and the judges. Answer questions to the point.Try to remember what the arresting officers looked like, their license plates, license plates, etc. Write things down as soon as you have a moment. You will benefit when viewers are watching. So encourage people to be there. Never act. Challenging or threatening complaints.

Never testify believing that working together will let you go. Always think before you speak, even in the presence of your lawyer. If you are arrested abroad, please contact your consulate. or message immediately. Never sign a form or document until it has been checked by a competent lawyer.

Never resist arrest even if you are innocent. Immediately include your name, address, phone number, immediate family contact details, and the name of your employer. These are essential for the receipt of the bond.

Stay vigilant and everything will be fine.

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